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How to configure the Application Load Balancer | Somesh Srivastava

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Blockchain for Developing Economies: India | By- Nida Khan

The spread of the internet and the lowering of the cost of digital technology has created novel means of subsistence making people living in remote regions a part of a global village. India is a country that sits at the forefront of utilizing the immense benefits that come with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and

Data Science

Critical Analysis on Data Science and Big Data Avenues | Dr. Mirza Baig

In the current scenario of digitalization of volumes, data is used to process and store in a bulky variety. These kinds of volumes of data can be operational and non-operational whereas regular transition for multiple operations is used to perform which to analyze the structuring of data in huge amounts. Regular updation is also a hazardous activity for operational data and regular deposition of past data is helpful for future prospective. Data specification may be extracted with the labeled data called supervised.