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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Or HR is one of the most important and valuable designations in any Company or Organisation. If  we are talking about the roles and responsibilities of any HR in a company, it should be like a pilot in a plane.HR plays a big role between company and employees , in other words you can say it works like Bridge between two corners.

Here we are describing few very important part and work of any HR in a company:

Recruit and hire new employees. The recruitment process is the cornerstone or initial work by the duties of all HR professionals in any organisation. It’s fairly complex and has multiple steps.To recruit a new person, HR managers typically need to

  • Write and post job ads
  • Review Curriculum Vitae Or Resumes 
  • Pre-screen Seekers 
  • Administer skills tests
  • Interview applicants or candidates
  • Discuss benefits and compensation
  • Make a hiring decision 
  • Make an employment offer

Apart from the above responsibilities HR needs to  Manage training and development initiatives, Keep track of employee performance, Manage and improve communication, Manage organizational and company culture, Create a safe and inclusive work environment, Oversee and manage benefits and compensation. Many works depend on HR managers because this profile is answerable to their high authorities and face such types of interrogations like WHY/WHEN/HOW and many more so if this profile has a weightage so other hands its having pressure or disadvantages.HR is also responsible for Hiring  & Firing reason if hiring is not appropriate or useless manpower so HR is responsible in another case if the employee left the job without any prior information so on that case HR shall be on target so these types of examples showing this profile are very important to any Organization.HR  also needs to assist that communication within (and between) different teams and departments.

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