Top Job Oriented Course After MCA

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Top Job Oriented Course After MCA
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Top Job Oriented Course After MCA

What should you undertake after your MCA? We will give you assistance. One of the most popular courses in India is MCA, or Master of Computer Applications. You can gain new skills in computers in a wide range of languages, such as Java and Python, during this degree. You will learn things such as how to build websites, maintain a database, and write software. Furthermore, it covers Big Data technology, iOS and Android mobile app development, and HTML 5 web programming.

If you want to utilise your education, you could either register in one of the best MCA courses or start a job. Although upgrading your qualifications is generally a good idea, not everybody can pursue that path. But you can get work and enhance your skills afterward.

With a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree, is it possible to have a successful career? Indeed, you can. Are you at the stage where you started wondering, “What can I do after MCA? Can you progress professionally in your business as your skills develop? How then can I distinguish from the large group? Yes. And now, ask yourself this: Have you given online courses following your MCA any thought? Following a BCA or a similar discipline, you can enrol in a 2-year postgraduate study called MCA. By allowing students who are interested in pursuing a profession after receiving an MCA the chance to advance their skills online, online learning has opened up a world of opportunities.

Let us figure out which course to take after earning your MCA and the answer to the bothersome question of what comes next.

List of Best Courses after MCA

1. Database Engineer

You explore the complexities of database management systems and their administration while studying an MCA. With this knowledge, you can become a database engineer and find meaningful employment.
Creating and managing databases, which store and organise data, would be your responsibility as a database administrator or engineer. You would create new databases, adjust current systems, and make sure everything continues to function. A solid working knowledge of SQL and analytics is typically required for database job positions.

You may delve into the administration and complexity of database management systems with MCA. Many people mention database management as one of their post-MCA employment options as a result of this exposure. Because it is a dynamic field, you must constantly learn new things and keep your expertise current. To develop machines and systems, engineers need to have a strong foundation in mathematics and physics. To create effective and secure solutions, they must also be informed about human behaviour and how things function.

The creation and design of databases in accordance with business requirements is the responsibility of database engineers. They ought to be able to work with various databases, including SQL and Oracle. Additionally, they must be familiar with relational theory, advanced programming languages like Java, C++, and perl.

Database Engineer Salary

With less than one year of experience to nine years of experience, Database Engineer salaries in India range from 2.6 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs, with an average yearly pay of 6 Lakhs based on 778 salaries.

2. Software Developer

One of the most in-demand job categories in the IT sector is a software developer. To create a good application that is trustworthy and safe, a software developer must possess a high level of expertise and understanding. Since there is a growing need for software developers, many businesses are recruiting recent graduates to join their teams. Anyone who has studied any area of computer science will find this to be a fairly popular career choice. Following an MCA, it is one of the highest-paying positions.

Building, testing, implementing, and supporting software systems for your clients would be your primary responsibility as a software developer. To satisfy the unique requirements of a company or client, you would employ your analytical skills and problem-solving techniques. Software engineers are equally invested in suggesting improvements for current programmes as they are in making the components of the application system function as a whole.

Software Developer Salary in India

Software developers in India make an average pay between INR 4 and 8 lakh per year, depending on their degree of seniority, according to Indeed, a top job search engine. Software workers have a wide range of job options because they can work in corporations, startups, and even the nonprofit sector, making it one of the top-paying industries.

3. Hardware Specialist

The essential mechanical parts of computers are handled by hardware engineers. For computers and other associated equipment, they create cutting-edge, practical designs. They also keep an eye on how the building blocks are produced, tested, installed, and repaired. Examples of hardware components include computer systems, chips, circuit boards, keyboards, routers, and printers. Another duty of these IT experts is to guarantee adequate internet functionality. Hardware engineers in India are thought to start out making between $15,000 and $18,000 per month, according to Indeed.

After MCA, a hardware engineer is one of the positions with the most demand. Mobile phones, laptops, GPS systems, and other electronic items are designed and developed by hardware engineers, who are mechanical engineering professionals. Prior to their introduction to the market, they must additionally examine these products. Some even oversee the testing, inspection, installation, and maintenance phases of production. If a hardware engineer works in IT, they might also be in charge of making sure the internet runs correctly. After MCA, it ranks high in terms of salary.

Hardware Specialist Salary in India

Based on 24 incomes, the average yearly salary for hardware specialists in India with less than 7 to 11 years of experience ranges from 8.9 to 19.8 lakhs.

4.Enterprise Analyst

Enterprise Analysts or Business analysts must analyse data and information so that management may make wise business decisions. Among the most lucrative positions in India is this one. They support businesses in developing strategies and making choices that will increase their productivity and profitability.

Business analysts use their expertise in business analysis, accounting, marketing, management, and economics to assist organisations in selecting the most effective resource management strategies. Additionally, they point out weaknesses in the current framework and suggest solutions.

Enterprise Analyst Salary in India

Enterprise or Business analyst salaries in India range from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs for those with less than a year of experience to nine years of experience, with an average yearly pay of 7 lakhs based on 84k salaries.

5. Cloud Architect

For MCA students, a new job possibility is cloud architect. Solutions for cloud computing are designed, developed, and managed. It occasionally requires a data science certificate, and in certain cases, it may also require a project management qualification.

One who creates, constructs, and manages infrastructure and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications using cloud computing technology is known as a cloud architect. Within an organisation, all cloud services must be designed, developed, deployed, and managed by cloud architects. They examine the needs and choose a technological approach that best meets the demands of their company.

Both businesses and individuals have access to flexible and economical storage solutions because of cloud computing. Cloud architects are in greater demand as more and more people switch to cloud storage.

The cloud computing market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of roughly 15.80% throughout the projection period of 2022 to 2028, making it a prominent favourite among tech aspirants. Given the promise of this industry, MCA graduates can consider a variety of occupations in cloud computing, with cloud architecture playing a key role. The industry should grow in popularity and profitability, and eventually, enterprises will be forced to switch to it as a more dependable and affordable choice.

You will be working with vast volumes of data if you choose to pursue a career in cloud technologies. Your main responsibilities would be to design, create, and maintain the distant servers that contain this data.

Additionally, when adopting the cloud in any organisation, you would need to take into account a number of factors. To direct your efforts toward reaching your business goals, you must have a plan. Additionally, you would need to develop your skills in using cloud resources safely. Following the completion of your MCA, you may want to think about honing your skills with a professional certification in this field.

Cloud Architect Salary

With less than four years of experience to 16 years of experience, the average yearly income for a cloud architect in India is 21 lakhs, based on 1.7k salaries. The salary ranges from 7.2 lakhs to 40 lakhs.

6. Analyst of Data

One of the numerous employment opportunities after an MCA is data science. Large-scale data sets are analysed by data scientists who take knowledge from the data and use it to make sense of the data. To analyse data and identify trends, they employ techniques for natural language processing and machine learning.

Data scientists also develop models that forecast user behaviour in light of past behaviour. Through superior customer service or items suited to each person’s needs, businesses can forecast the behaviour of their customers. Emeritus India collaborates with famous universities across the platform to offer certificate courses in data science so students can gain a deeper insight of how the field operates.

Data Science is the most popular course offered to students and one of the top courses available after MCA, not just for those graduating from fields like business. In today’s technologically advanced workplaces, data science is a popular topic. Businesses want to make use of and profit from the massive amounts of data generated daily. Additionally, data scientists support management by offering context and lending structure to the decision-making process, increasing their value to the business and making them one of the finest post-MCA employment possibilities.

MCA graduates who are not interested in the core software fields occasionally choose to follow this career path. Work in data science involves crunching numbers and using analytics to find hidden data and boost overall corporate performance. In order to better understand consumer behaviour, a data analyst might, for instance, undertake market research and create projections.

Especially without any industry experience or direction, it could be intimidating to enter this field straight after receiving your MCA. You can therefore check out various online learning possibilities

Data Analyst Salary in India

Based on 53.1k salaries, the average annual income for data analysts in India with less than 1 year of experience to 6 years of experience ranges from 1.8 lakhs to 11.5 lakhs, with a cap of 4.3 lakhs. Your income as a senior-level data scientist in India increases rapidly as your expertise and talents increase, reaching over 1,700,000 per year.

Without a doubt, elite companies top the lists of data occupations with the highest incomes. Additionally, they have a history of raising pay by 15% yearly.

7. Web Designer

Getting into web designing and development is a common career choice for MCA grads, so if you’re thinking what to do after MCA, consider it. In the modern digital era, a company’s website serves as its main sales representative. Web designers and developers enable both the front end’s visual interest and the back end’s performance. After all, clients may evaluate your goods and services based on what they find online. Another possible job with similar requirements is app development.

Web development has established itself as one of the top careers after an MCA, right behind software. This industry offers rewarding chances for anyone with a creative mind and strong software skills. Possessing knowledge of HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and WordPress is desirable.

Web Designer Salary in India

A web designer in India earns an average of Rs 285,645 per year. Depending on factors like quality, level of skill, firm reputation, etc., the income could range from Rs. 118,000 to around Rs. 634,000 annually.

8. Technical Writer

A technical writer is a skilled information communicator whose job it is to convey knowledge to two or more people using whatever media that makes it easiest for the recipients to receive and understand it. Technical writers conduct research and produce information using a range of delivery methods (electronic, printed, audio-visual, and even touch)[1]. Examples of the information types they might produce include online help, manuals, white papers, design specifications, project plans, and software test plans.

Simplifying the complex is one description of technical writing. A wide range of abilities and traits that touch on almost every area of human activity to some degree is contained in such a succinct and deceptively simple statement. Technical writing is an important part of the larger discipline of technical communication and involves delivering difficult information to those who require it to complete a task or achieve a goal.

To put it another way, technical writers ensure that a piece of work is accessible to its users by communicating complex technical ideas to its target audience in a clear, accurate, and thorough manner.

If you have a knack for writing, you can use your MCA training and creative ability to land a job as a technical writer. You would simplify complex facts by using your written communication talents. The following formats are possible for this documentation:

  • merchandise descriptions
  • design guidelines
  • guides and user manuals
  • articles and white paper

Technical Writer Salary in India

Technical Writer salaries in India range from 2.9 lakhs to 12.8 lakhs for those with less than two years of experience to nine years of experience, with an average yearly compensation of 5.5 lakhs based on 5.5k wages.

9. Software Consultant

A counsellor and specialist in software systems who is compensated for sharing their knowledge and experience with others is known as a software consultant. Software consultants are well-versed in computer programming and languages. Most of these individuals have backgrounds in information technology, and others have worked as software developers or engineers before transitioning to consulting.

Businesses frequently turn to software consultants for the knowledge they need to make critical choices regarding their online presence and digital technology. Companies employ software consultants to safeguard their investments and boost sales because decisions about software frequently affect e-commerce.

A job profile at the expert level that involves making software suggestions is software consultant. The majority of the time, projects are used to hire these people. They can speak more than one computer language and direct companies toward solutions that maximise their use of software technology.

What is the role of a software consultant?

While meeting with clients, a software consultant might do any of the following tasks:

  1. Offer business advice on software usage
  2. Install software tools online
  3. Check software for security updates.
  4. Create new company websites or provide suggestions for changes to existing ones
  5. Adapt software systems
  6. Examine present software programmes for effectiveness
  7. Determine a company’s technical demands

Software Consultant Salary in India

In India, wages for software consultants with less than two years of experience to nine years of expertise range from 3.3 lakhs to 16 lakhs, with an average yearly income of 8.1 lakhs based on 3.3k salaries. The remuneration of a software consultant is also influenced by location and employer.

10. IT Architect

IT Architect is one of the many crucial career titles in a firm, if you’re thinking what to do after MCA. One of the core subjects in the MCA curriculum is computer organisation and architecture. Consider applying for the position of an IT architect if you enjoy learning about the inner workings of application systems.

Reviewing and assessing the infrastructure and making adjustments to improve performance are among the responsibilities. Typically, obtaining this advising job requires a significant amount of professional expertise and advanced credentials. IT architects are employed by companies as outside consultants, and their salary is consistent with their level of experience.

IT Architect Salary in India

IT architects in India make an average annual pay of 22,49,638 rupees.

11. Consultant for software

A job profile at the expert level that involves making software suggestions is software consultant. The majority of the time, projects are used to hire these people. They can speak more than one computer language and direct companies toward solutions that maximise their use of software technology.

In other words, A counsellor and specialist in software systems who is compensated for sharing their knowledge and experience with others is known as a software consultant. Software consultants are well-versed in computer programming and languages. Most of these individuals have backgrounds in information technology, and others have worked as software developers or engineers before transitioning to consulting.

Businesses frequently turn to software consultants for the knowledge they need to make critical choices regarding their online presence and digital technology. Companies employ software consultants to safeguard their investments and boost sales because decisions about software frequently affect ecommerce.

How does a software consultant help?

Why Hire a Software Consultant? Create software that is specialised for certain jobs or industries. Determine ways to use software to improve processes by analysing a company’s computer system. Assist clients with technical help and troubleshooting.

Software consultant’s annual salary

With an average yearly pay of 8.1 Lakhs, software consultants in India earn between 3.4 Lakhs and 16.0 Lakhs. Estimates of compensation are based on 3.2k salaries from software consultants.

12. Manual Tester

This position involves physically testing software, as the title would imply. Manual testers make sure that apps behave appropriately and look for flaws. Their job is essential for identifying problems and preserving any project’s operational effectiveness. You can master the necessary abilities to work as a manual tester with an MCA degree. Consider becoming a software tester if you’re a student who is interested in testing and aren’t sure what to do with your MCA.

What is a Manual Tester’s role?

A manual tester is tasked with putting a programme or app through a variety of scenarios in order to test it. The group that develops software includes them.Assuming the role of an end user, you utilise software as intended while recording any flaws or glitches.

What is the Manual Tester’s Salary ?

The average yearly income for manual testing in India is 4.5 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.5 Lakhs to 13.3 Lakhs. The 394 salaries from Manual Testings that served as the basis for the salary estimates.

13. Troubleshooter

Roadblocks in the operation of both software and hardware are cleared by troubleshooters. Additionally, they have sufficient networking skills and help the client receive their job on time. So troubleshooters can play a variety of roles. You can join a technology company with an MCA degree and relevant practical experience and learn on the job to advance your career.

Any issues that might develop in the IT infrastructure must be fixed by troubleshooters. One must be well-versed in every facet of IT because they will be contacted if a problem occurs. They also provide regular maintenance on the entire IT infrastructure.

Salary of Troubleshooters?

The salary range for troubleshooters in India with less than a year of experience to 14 years of experience is from 0.9 lakhs to 29 lakhs, with an average yearly compensation of 7 lakhs based on 17 salaries.

14. Network Engineer

Before choosing what to do following your MCA, do you still need options? Computer communication networks and network programming are among the topics covered in the MCA program’s coursework. After an MCA, it is one of the greatest job paths. These subjects, as well as the lab exercises, form the basis for network engineering, which includes designing and technical work in nearly equal measure. In a very competitive employment market, most businesses favour hiring applicants with an MBA and a few years of experience.

There are multiple computers in every business, and they are all linked together through a local area network. Other networking technologies could be used to connect numerous local area networks of various organisational branches. The internet enables the connection of networks and computers to form a single global network. As a result, computer network professionals who can set up, diagnose, and maintain them are vitally important, and MCA holders are well qualified for this career path as a job after MCA. They handle teleconferences, conference calls, and other similar tasks.

What is a Network Engineer role?

Network architects are employed by IT companies to manage network connectivity for data, calls, videos, and wireless services. Additionally, businesses with significant IT infrastructures require skilled personnel to assist with internal activities. Consequently, network engineers must also perform daily maintenance and administration.

Salary of Network Engineer

Network Engineer salaries in India range from 1.8 lakhs to 7 lakhs for those with experience of less than a year to seven years, with an average yearly pay of 3.3 lakhs based on 49.1k salaries.

15. Social Media Manager

Social media accounts for a sizable amount of how the business communicates with its stakeholders, including the customers. When it comes to using social networks to manage a brand’s digital image, businesses look for experts that can manoeuvre this virtual world with ease. In addition to developing and publishing content on websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., social media managers are in charge of collaborating with other brands. They therefore strategize, carry out, and optimise a crucial part of the total marketing plan.

With the aid of the internet, social media offers a rapid and affordable means to communicate with millions of consumers. The platform is already there, but the difficulty lies in using it in a way that effectively engages the target audience. The MCA graduates might work as specialists who develop the brand’s digital presence on social media by continuously publishing relevant content and cultivating a strong subscriber base. By sharing interesting content on sites like Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter, they strive to reach as many users as possible. For jobs after an MCA, it is a fantastic choice.

Social Media Manager Salary

With less than one year of experience to eight years of experience, the average annual compensation for a social media manager in India is based on 2.3k salaries and ranges from 1.2 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

16. Ethical Hacker

Without sufficient authorization, ethical hackers gain access to computer systems and networks. They carry out this action to identify security flaws and safeguard the owners from nefarious intrusions. For those who enjoy challenges, it is the ideal position.

In recent years, IT professionals’ primary areas of focus have become cybersecurity. Everyone, including businesses, governments, and individuals, wants to safeguard their sensitive and personal data from breaches and unfair usage. Data security professionals can now find well-paying work in both government and private sector organisations.

For businesses where data security is of the utmost significance, ethical hackers are crucial. They attempt to identify the system’s security flaws by repeatedly attempting to access the system without sufficient authorisation but with the aid of loopholes and other weaknesses. They are hackers, but they work to strengthen the system and fix security weaknesses without any malicious purpose.

Salary of Ethical Hacker

In India, the average annual pay for an ethical hacker is Rupees 51,251.

17. Analyst for Quality Assurance

As a quality assurance analyst, you assess IT systems using your logical thinking and reasoning abilities. Software quality assurance (QA) analysts are people who can recognise the software’s advantages and disadvantages, come up with creative solutions, and successfully convey those solutions to the appropriate teams throughout the development life cycle.

In order to verify that all functional and non-functional quality criteria are met, quality assurance involves testing the software product from all angles. The QA manager makes sure that the required procedures are followed and quality is guaranteed throughout the whole development lifecycle, not just at the conclusion. Thus, it has become one of the most sought-after careers after MCA.

Salary of Quality Assurance Analyst

In India, a quality assurance analyst makes on average 63,350 rupees a month.

18. Project Manager

Without mentioning this field, our list of suggestions for “What to do after MCA?” would be lacking. Direct hiring for managerial positions is possible for MCA and computer science graduates with 5-8 years of experience. You can also choose a graduate degree like an MBA to meet the requirements for careers in software project management. Additionally, career moves into high-responsibility responsibility posts are easier with internationally recognized credentials.

MCA graduates can become project managers, where they accept full responsibility for the project’s implementation, after accumulating sufficient experience of 5 to 8 years. Planning, estimate, hiring, and client communication are all tasks that the project manager will handle. They guarantee that project development proceeds according to schedule and that delivery will occur on time. Additionally, they handle all post-delivery change management issues and resolve bugs with the aid of the proper teams.

Indian project manager salaries

the typical project manager compensation in India is close to Rs. 14,00,000. In India, the typical income for a software developer is only about Rs 5,00,000. Therefore, project managers typically earn roughly three times as much as their software engineer counterparts!

19. System Architect

As a highly regarded consulting job, system architect, the candidate will be expected to assess the infrastructure in which the systems are developed and operated. This post is typically only available to those with 5 to 8 years of relevant experience following their MCA. Outside of the chances in larger businesses, System Architects work as independent consultants, and their pay is based on their level of experience.

System Architect Salary in India

Based on 712 salaries, the average yearly income for system architects in India with less than three years of experience to 17 years of experience ranges from 5.5 lakhs to 42.2 lakhs.

20. UX designer

It’s critical to clarify what UX design is before delving into what a UX designer performs. UX design focuses on how regular people (like you and I) interact with products and services like websites, applications, and even coffee makers.

It is a very diverse field that incorporates elements of technology, design, business, market research, psychology, and business.

Today, creating a website’s user interface is a distinct job profile in and of itself. It differs from the web developer profession in that it requires the use of numerous technologies, such as Adobe Photoshop, in a more creative manner to create user interface elements like buttons, backdrops, menus, etc. Customers or other target audiences of the firm can only communicate with it through its user interfaces. Better audience interaction and experience on the website will improve business results. Thus, demand for UX designers is increasing, and salaries for these professionals in India range from INR 3 lakh to INR 8 lakh.

UX Designer Salary in India

UX Designer salaries in India range from 2 lakhs to 14 lakhs for those with less than a year of experience to nine years of experience, with an average yearly pay of 5 lakhs based on 10.2k salaries.


The list of fantastic career choices for those with an MCA is above. What to do following an MCA degree, is something we hope this will address. Depending on the career path you plan to take after graduation, you can decide what interests you. Before choosing a course to pursue after graduating from MCA, all young people who are unsure of their future plans should consider the duration, level of difficulty, and cost of the programme. Any of the aforementioned top courses after an MCA will definitely get you an excellent job, allowing you to happily begin your career.

One can explore various opportunities with an MCA. One can even enrol in certificate programs to advance their abilities and find jobs after receiving an MCA in order to stand out in such a competitive field. Make a decision after researching your options, the costs of the courses, the time commitment, the viability, and the potential for growth.

MCA offers a wide range of applications both inside and outside of India. The occupations available after earning an MCA will always be numerous and diverse due to its relationship to technology, which will satisfy the needs of all.

Job Oriented Training

Training programmes that assist B.Tech, MCA, BCA, and diploma students in finding employment are referred to as job-oriented training programmes. After completing their B.Tech, MCA, BCA, or Diploma, around 75% of students are jobless. This is a result of a significant disconnect between what students learn in engineering and management programmes and job requirements for software companies. The requirements for new jobs and the technologies that will be in demand in the near future are taken into consideration while designing job-oriented training programmes.

Why Do Job-Oriented Programs Exist?

Students with a B.Tech, MCA, BCA, or diploma who want a career but didn’t have enough hands-on experience with design, coding, or development during their professional training must do work-oriented training. Most of these students merely prioritise passing their semester examinations with respectable grades. The main goal of earning these professional degrees or diplomas is to give students hands-on experience with the most recent, in-demand technology that will help them land jobs.

To fill the gap between receiving a B.Tech, MCA, BCA, or Diploma and receiving a job offer from a software company or a startup, work-oriented training was developed. These Job Oriented Training Certificates provide a student’s résumé an advantage over competitors.

Software Company Job-Oriented Training in Lucknow

Job-Oriented Training, as the name suggests, is solely offered by software companies. In Lucknow, training centres and coaching facilities advertise their courses as being “job-oriented.” These training facilities employ instructors who never had the opportunity to work in development or coding; as a result, they are instructing in these facilities in and near Lucknow.

Who better to teach you how to code than someone who has never done it themselves? Will they? No.

You should be able to learn design and coding on Real Time Projects using the Most Up To Date Emerging Technologies thanks to this Job Oriented Training. The only way to learn design and coding is through practice. You would learn how to do Design and Code if you underwent Job Oriented Training in a Lucknow-based software company. During these job-oriented training sessions, software engineers who have years of experience in the field will be on hand to assist and guide you.

Benefits of Summer Internship in Software Firm

Learning about the environment through a software company’s eco systems.

Instead of only teaching programming languages, emphasise practical training more.

Trainers are essentially developers; they are familiar with the inner workings of technologies. Possibility of working on live or real-time projects.

Software company training certificates have many advantages over those from traditional training facilities. likelihood of employment offers to trainees inside the same organisation.

Real-time exposure to the whole software development life cycle.

Training at Innovitt Global for job-oriented instruction

Job-Oriented Training has begun at Innovitt Global in a number of different technologies, including PHP,, Java, Android Application Development, Python, Angular, React, and others.

Job Oriented Training at Innovitt Global is designed for both recent engineering graduates and pass-outs who are unable to secure a solid job owing to a lack of skills and industry exposure. Students in and around Lucknow who are proactive and want to set themselves up for a decent job after completing their course can participate in these Job Oriented Training to land their first job by taking MCA, BCA, Diploma, and B.Tech courses.

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